Birthday Delight
Sire:Cheeky Little Devil
Dam: Kilcrankie Kim
Whelped: 9/05/10
Eye cert & hips info

We don't show Layla, as she has been neutered,  but she is definitely the character of the gang,  and plays a huge role when we introduce any new pups to the gang, (usually teaching them all of her bad habits).


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Cheeky Little Devil



 Megarvey Messenger Boy

CH Stanroph Squadron Leader
Stanroph Spirit of the Mist at Megarvey
 Mearnswood Orsay  Rigerin Missionery Man
 Lochaffric Skylark at Mearnswood


 Kilcrannkie Kim

Edintore Gorgeous Angus  Raymuir Fair Fleece
 Haley of Drumuir at Edintore
Bonny Lass of Strathgarry Flyngalee Highland Tracker
Jack's Girl




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